The Island of Great St. James

St. Thomas is paradise enough, but this private Virgin Island Sale off the coast of St. Thomas is even sweeter. Great St. James, a Virgin Island Sale is a territory of the Unites States, is only seven minutes by powerboat from St. Thomas’s east end-the site of marinas, the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, charming shops and great restaurants. The island of St. John is also just minutes away.

Virgin Island Sale

ADDITIONAL HIGHLIGHTS: Great St. James, a Virgin Island Sale, is only a few minutes from the shops and restaurants of St. Thomas; ownership of the island includes a piece of property in St. Thomas with parking, a boat dock, and an office. The weather if the Virgin Islands is idyllic. The views from Great St. James are spectacular, especially those of the lights of St. Thomas glittering in the nighttime sky.


  • One mile in length, the 157 acre island of Great St. James is lush with vegetation, including windswept grasses, sedges, cacti, orchids, frangipani, hibiscus, and palm trees along the beach. Tropical trees are common in the coves behind the sand beaches and around the salt pond on the southeastern peninsula. Colorful Caribbean fish and lobsters swim in the waters surrounding the island.


  • White-cheeked pintail ducks nest on Great St. James, and hawksbill turtles best on the beaches. White-tailed deer also make their homes here. Other animal life includes crested grouse, barred anole, dwarf, and ground lizards.


  • The north and west sides of he island offer sandy protected shoals, including famous Christmas Cove, a popular anchorage with room for several sailboats. Other features include the may spectacular reefs, salt ponds, and a jasper outcrop.


  • The island also holds a number of man-made structures, including tennis courts, a new boat dock, and a rustic residence with a stone fireplace.

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